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There are many areas of life (psychological, physical, relational, emotional, work-related, social, family…) where people “get stuck”. These issues can have an impact on your quality of life.
Sometimes a helicopter view and a little push is needed to take action. A coach can support you with this in taking steps together. The path then continues to unfurl as you walk it.
A coach-client relationship is based on trust and a sense of security. Everything may be there, everything is okay.

what does a consultation entail?

A coaching conversation is stimulating and creative. An experience is created in which the client gains insight and perhaps transformation.
Marianne will guide the process as a coach, but you as a client will provide the answers, that way you are always in your own power. When you are an expert yourself, you have to work and think. This presupposes a certain self-reliance. All the tools you need are within you. Here we make a distinction with therapy, which often presupposes less self-reliance. With a coach you are confronted with what you can do about the situation yourself.
At the start of the conversation, the goal is set in focus, so that afterwards it can be checked whether there is a result or not. A possible nuance to this is that, as you work with deeper processes (values, beliefs, identity, etc.), the results and goals become increasingly vague and more tangible than measurable.
Together, as a tandem, we look for insights, wishes, needs, qualities, talents, etc. This is done on the basis of coaching techniques, exercises and conversations.
You, as a client, are invited to get to know yourself better. Marianne as a coach, will make you more aware of how you approach things. By gaining insight into your own strategies, you can adjust or change them. In this way you will be strengthened in your own growth process and progress.


Marianne started on 09 May 2022 with consultations at the midwifery practice InTeam, Waversesteenweg 51A, 1560 Hoeilaart.
She works on various themes: change, self-confidence, fear, tension, stress, burnout, education, personal development, relationships.
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