Adina Inescu

Adina works to create an environment where people feel comfortable asking uncomfortable questions and getting answers. She graduated from the UCLouvain, she took training in functional sex therapy and a certificate in clinical sexology. She is a member of the Belgian Society of Sexologists (SSUB) and she is continuing her doctoral studies at the University of Liège. She has studied topics such as sexual addiction, sexual violence and sexuality in old age.
As a research associate at the University of Liège (2017-2021), she worked on a Belgian national study dedicated to sexual violence against older adults, commissioned by the federal government. She also had the opportunity to train medical staff and police officers who collaborate with the Sexual Assault Referral Centers (SARC) in Belgium.
In her practice as a sexologist, she pays attention to all aspects of sexuality, sexual development and behavior, codes of attraction and romantic relationships. She helps couples and single people who want to overcome sexual concerns, improve their sex life or resolve relationship difficulties. She empowers adults to understand their sexuality and challenge the impractical messages they are exposed to.
After the birth of her second child, she decided to break the taboo of postpartum intimacy. New parents are facing so many changes, such as taking care of a newborn, adapting to the new lifestyle. They need to stay strong and for this they need also to take care of themselves individually and of their couple.
As a mother, Adina is aware that it can be difficult to find the balance between being a parent and an intimate partner. Naturally we focus more on parenting and it’s important to show gratitude to our partners and to remember why we love them. It is vital to take time for us and take care of our needs in addition to taking care of others.

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