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Paediatric physiotherapy

General Pediatric Physiotherapy
Pediatric physiotherapy is broadly defined as 'customized physiotherapy for babies, children and teenagers between 0-18 years'.
Many problems can arise within the development, from musculoskeletal problems (joints, muscles, posture...) to neurological problems (Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida,...) and specific injuries in athletes (ankle stability, growing pains...). It is important here that we do not carry out the treatments of children as we do with adults / fully grown persons. Children are not 'little adults' and should therefore be approached with a different approach.

what does a consultation entail?

If the doctor or pediatrician prescribes physiotherapy for you/a child, be sure to contact us to work out a correct therapy plan together and tailored to the child.
You can contact us for, among other things:
- Developmental motor skills
- Lateralization
- Psychomotor skills (ADHD, ASD, DCD...)
- Respiratory physiotherapy
- Sports specific therapy


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