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Wobbel gymnastics - kids

Wobbel gymnastics is a mix of playful movement exercises, balancing exercises and cooperation games on and around a wobbel board. Together we will wobbel and wiggle, each week on a different theme. We work on balance, basic rest, getting to know our body and lateralization. In addition to the active part of the lesson, we also make time for some relaxation.

Wobbel gymnastics - Mini (2-4 years old)

You love some quality time with your child?
Wobbel together, this group is for children from 2 years. 

The lesson consists of several parts and there is a short toilet and drink break in between. Parents have a good time with their child and support them where necessary.

Some children are very quick independent on the board, others need more help. it is often sufficient t have mom or dad around as an encouragement to discover and experiment. The presence of a parent makes the environment safer, so that children will dare to do more.

As a teacher, Liza provides tips and advice on the guidance and encouragement of your child on the wobbelboard. You also perform some exercises with your child.

Wobbel gymnastics is organized in series of 5 lessons 
n small groups of 5 to 8 children..

Wobbel gymnastics - Maxi (4-6 years old)

This lesson is for children from 4 to 6 years old. 

The lesson is structured so that your child can participate alone, but depending on the needs of your child, the guidance of a parent is possible. 

Upcoming dates

No dates are currently planned. Once the dates for 2024 are known, they will be communicated.


The series of wobbel gymnastics will take place in midwifery practice InTeam:
Waversesteenweg 51A, 1560 Hoeilaart.

Cost: 36 euros for one series (3 lessons from 25/09 to 9/10)

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